Top 4 Fastest International Bowlers Ever

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Fast bowling, much like wrist spin, is becoming something of a lost art on cricket’s elite stage, as men with myriad change-ups and cross seam deliveries are preferred to genuine pace bowlers in so many forms of the game.

Of course, there are some exceptions, with the likes of Jofra Archer and Jasprit Bumrah bucking the trend. Here we take a look at some of the legends of pace bowling, who the new breed of fast men look up to.

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All of these bowlers had batsmen around the world scrambling to get off strike as fast as they could

Shoaib Akhtar – Rawalpindi Express

Pakistan has always been known for having a fearsome pace attack with Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram forming one of the deadliest bowling partnerships the sport has ever seen, that made betting tipsters wary of ever backing against them.

However, whereas their calling card was quick bowling combined with wicked swing, Shoaib Akhtar focused on the sort of pace that struck fear into the hearts of batsmen – trembling in their boots down the other end of the pitch – as well as sports bettors who dared wager against the Rawalpindi Express.

He regularly clocked in deliveries that came close to breaking the 100mph mark, culminating in him bowling the fastest delivery ever in the 2003 World Cup against England. This is the sort of pace that cricket fans will be hoping to see at the 2023 version of the ODI World Cup, as they look for new bowlers to back with their sports free bets and bonuses.

Brett Lee – Batsmen Given no Leeway

For years Brett Lee steamed to the crease for Australia, having memorable battles with men like Andrew Flintoff, who recognised Lee’s never-say-die attitude.

The fastest delivery he ever clocked was just 0.2kmph shy of the world record held by Shoaib Akhtar.

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Few batsmen dared come down the pitch to these fearsome pace men

Shaun Tait – Injuries Held Him Back

From one pacey Aussie to another, and Shaun Tait, whose wild action and lightning quick runup earned him the moniker of, Wild Thing.

Unfortunately, the Wild Thing’s bowling career was cut short by injuries, with a dodgy elbow eventually forcing him to call time on his bowling exploits. Thankfully he is still heavily involved in the game.

Jeff Thomson – Blast from the Past

There is a general feeling in the game that cricketers who operated prior to the 1990s and 2000s were somehow not as dedicated to the sport when it came to training, and that this had a knock-on effect on the pace of delivery they could muster.

Jeff Thomson showed this to be entirely unfounded, as he regularly clocked deliveries of well in excess of 160kmph throughout the 70s and 80s.



With more than 140 year of rich international cricket history for the all-white team, England has certainly made their mark in the cricket world. The England cricket team has played more than 1890 matches across all three formats of the game. Only Australia have made more appearances than the English team with over 1900 games under their belt.

More so, the ability to shift the momentum of the game as well as the capacity to perform against the best among the rest are given higher value in any sport rating and the best English cricketers ranking is not immune to this. Defining performances in the series as well as game-changing contributions in ICC tournaments are equally considered to hold greater significance.

However, with the next cricket world cup coming up so fast in 2023, the England team will hoping that the like of Joe Root could be at their game come 2023 for their chance to upscale the India who is touted by odds calculated as the favorite at 3.40 odd and the England is rightly behind at 4.00 odd.

Moreover, with exquisite attribute of the England captain as he guided his team to 2019 world cup triumph on their turf and as much eye are onto him do the magic again come 2023, the England skipper has certainly lived to be among the best in the rich history of the England’s cricket but here are the top five best cricket player that ever played for the England’s cricket national team.

Sydney Barnes

Sydney Barnes

The record books describe him as a canny cricketer who whipped up a deadly concoction of swinging deliveries and spinning balls. While the Englishman set the trend for future cricketers and majorly the bowlers absolute use of the new ball and landing the hard cherry on its seam.

However, opposing the perception of the moder day cricket devotees, Barnes’ wickets did not come against amateur batting lineups, while South Africa and Australia were the only opponents on international level.

More so, while Australia had already established a culture of producing technically strong batsmen, South Africa contained the likes of Aubrey Faulkner and Dave Nourse among others.

However, many argue the legitimacy of the Smethwick Cricket Club bowler as one of the legends in the game but his impact for the England cannot be overly emphasized and if one goes by the stat alone, Barnes has a legitimate claim to be the most lethal bowler of all-time. Among all bowlers in Test history with at least 150 wickets, his average of 16.43.

Sir Len Hutton

Sir Len Hutton

For someone that needed multiple bone graft to find a solution to a fracture sustained in a grueling training session, just four years after he made his international debut at the iconic Lord’s Cricket Ground in London.

Moreover, the England first professional test captain had to dug deep in his mental reservoir to completely remolded his game to suit his physical disadvantage and despite his altered technique, the former Yorkshire County Cricket Club opening batsman picked himself up from where he left off and continued to score runs aplenty against different types of bowlers in the game and while he was able to occupy the crease for long period in his career, the veteran batsman also enthrall the spectators with his captivating stroke-play and exquisite run accumulator but the regal batman had 6971 runs from 79 matches at an average of 56.67 with 19 centuries and 33 fifties within his 18 years that his career span

Sir Ian Botham

Sir Ian Botham

Alongside some fellow superstars like Imran Khan, Kapil Dev and Sir Richard Hadlee, Sir Ian Botham was one of the treasured cricketers in the 1980s.

While his batting was explosive and often game-changing, the right-armer’s aura and sharp intellect helped the ever-charismatic opening batman pick up heaps of wickets in his prime. However, without a shred of doubt, Sir Ian Botham remains the most charismatic cricketer to play for England.

More so, at the helm of his career, Botham was the center of attention of all eyes. While it was occasionally manifestation for a cricketer to triggered such outpourings of euphoria in England. But, the Jubilee Test in Bombay and the 1981 Ashes have become a part of cricket folklore for the single-handed dominance of the spectacle all-rounder.

While his 5000-plus Test runs were scored at an amazing strike-rate of 60.71, his 383 wickets were also the most by any bowler from his country until James Anderson usurped the record. Even though he declined rapidly in the latter part of his career, Botham still managed to pick up 16 wickets in the 1992 World Cup and played a key role in England reaching the final of the tourney.

The astonishing magician had 383 wickets from 102 matches at an average of 28.40 and strike-rate of 56.9 with 27 five-wicket hauls and four ten-wicket hauls; 5200 runs at an average of 33.54 and strike-rate of 60.71 with 14 centuries and 22 fifties in the test series and 145 wickets from 116 matches at an average of 28.54 and rate of 3.96; 2113 runs at an average of 23.21 and strike-rate of 79.10 with nine fifties at ODI’s. Truly the former star man was a blessing to the game.

Fred Trueman

Fred Trueman

Right from his debut moment, all spectators in the stadium were aware that a freak of nature had arrived. From the moment he set foot in Test cricket, Fred Trueman terrorized numerous batsmen with his hostile pace and unplayable movement.

Steaming in from a lack of energetic run-up, Trueman’s smooth action and unyielding will enabled him to consume the fast-bowling scene in the 50’s. In his show of magnificent, Fred was the dream pacer.

Despite gaining the ability to generate extravagant swing, the Englishman never sacrificed on his biggest asset. Even as age began to take its toll in his later years, Trueman continued to bowl at fearsome pace and motored to the then-unprecedented landmark of 300 Test wickets.

With 307 wickets from 67 matches at an average of 21.57 and strike-rate of 49.4 with 17 five-wicket hauls and three ten-wicket hauls in his participating test series, Fred Trueman was a true legend in the game and not just for the England team only.

Sir Jack Hobbs

Sir Jack Hobbs

If it wasn’t for the World War-1 that robbed the true legend of the game off his peak years, Jack Hobbs could have added more stint of a stat to the resounding number he pulls throughout his career in which amount to staggering 5410 runs and while he was unparalleled in his importance to England’s sporting history which was vindicated in 1953 when he became the first professional cricketer to receive a knighthood.

Sir Jack is affectionately revered as ‘The Master’, Hobbs’ dominance encompassed every level of the game, forming cricket’s one of the most storied opening partnership with another test great, Hobbs embodied himself as a defensive wall at the top of the order and consequently left an untrickable footprint in the annals of the sport.

No batsman has come close to his phenomenal collection of 61760 runs and 199 centuries from a humongous 834 first-class matches. His legacy of the self-made genius in his unswerving dedication and unbridled love for cricket can forever be storied in such a career that span through 1980 till 1930 and a quality numbers in test series that includes 5410 runs from 61 matches at an average of 56.94 with 15 centuries and 28 fifties.

Cricketers Who Became Music Stars

bravo singingbravo singing

The modern cricket player is expected to be so much more than just a good bowler, batsman, or fielder. Television networks and live crowds clamour after personalities such as Chris Gayle who are as entertaining to watch as they are effective out on the field of play.

This had led to many top cricketers diversifying into industries outside of sport, especially when they call time on their career and go in search of fresh challenges.

Music is just one avenue that several famous cricketers of past and present have turned to, some with favourable results and others that turned out to be total car crashes. Here we present a mixture of both.


All of these cricket stars swapped bat and ball for mic and guitar

Freddie Flintoff – Combining Love of Music and Football

This rugged all-rounder has become a full-blown celebrity in his native UK, since retiring as one of his country’s greatest ever players.

He regularly appears on comedy quiz shows as well as reality TV series, but few people know that he has also turned his hand to being a recording artist.

All of this came about in 2018, when there was outcry that the England football team did not have an official anthem to take with them to Russia.

Up stepped Freddie and his best mate Ricky Wilson, who knows a thing or two about music having been the Kaiser Chiefs’ frontman. The song they recorded together was a remix of Boney M’s ‘Rasputin’, which was a rather on-the-nose nod to where Harry Kane and co. would be heading that summer. The catchy lyrics for Rasputin Rebooted kept aspects of the original version’s chorus intact and then, in true football anthem style, enmeshed some questionable verses around it.

Meanwhile, this is not Flintoff’s only venture into singing as in the same year he also played a lead role in Fat Friends The Musical, which was a sell-out hit in the player’s home city of Manchester.

audio band black and white entertainment

Most pro cricketers are born entertainers, so in theory they should be pretty competent up on stage, but things do not always turn out that way

Dwayne Bravo – Rubbing Shoulders with Beenie Man

Dwayne Bravo is one of the most decorated cricketers in West Indian history and can still be found breaking records in various T20 competitions around the world.

However, everything he has done on a cricket pitch pales in comparison to the collaboration he did with West Indian music mogul, Beenie Man.

Their most famous song together is entitled ‘Beenie Man & Bravo’ and sees the two men argue about whether football is better than cricket, all adjudicated by a plethora of backing dancers.

The two friends have also combined to great effect for another song called ‘Go Gyal Go’.

Mark Butcher – Manages Not to Butcher Lyrics or Chords

Neither Bravo nor Flintoff have what you would call cultured singing voices, but the same cannot be said of Mark Butcher, who is probably better at warbling than he ever was at opening the batting for England.

Butcher certainly takes his music seriously, as is evidenced by his highly professional website that is dedicated to the tunes he creates both as a solo artist and as part of his very own band.

Sachin Tendulkar – Sing Along with the Little Master

There really is nothing that the man known as the Little Master cannot do, and so creating a hit tune was never going to be a problem for the greatest batsman the world has ever seen.

He made his music debut with a song called ‘Sachin’s Cricket Wali Beat’, which paired the legendary star with established recording artist Sonu Nigam.

Tendulkar is far from the only Indian national team star to try his hand at singing. Other famous players like MS Dhoni, Virender Sehwag, Irfan Pathan, and Harbhajan Singh have also braved the mic, with Harbhajan even going so far as to release an entire album, showing he can tweak out both mean off-spinners and killer lyrics.

Tips for Winning Cricket Bets in 2021

Cricket, bettingCricket, betting

Cricket is incredibly popular here in India, and every match attracts millions of fans. A good number of these fans place bets to back their favorite sides. There are more cricket sportsbooks now, with exciting betting markets from India and across the world. But many cricket fans can still be heard grumbling how their bets are not winning or as lucrative as they expect. With all the cricket betting tips free information on the internet, it is possible to make a winning strategy in cricket. Here are a few tips you can use to change your win rate in cricket bets.

cricket betting

Source: Pixabay


Try Proposition Bets 

There is much more to cricket betting than betting on outright winners and losers. Proposition or prop bets are more lucrative than the main match bets. Prop bets are a proposition by the bookmaker that a certain outcome will happen. For example, the Player of the Series will be X. You can either agree with this proposition or refuse. Whatever choice you make is your bet. Prop bets require an in-depth knowledge of the playing teams. Some prop bets you can try include:

  • Toss Winner
  • Man of the Match
  • Series Top Batsman
  • Top Bowler 
  • Top Batsman 
  • Most Fours
  • Most Sixes
  • Most Run Outs
  • Highest Total in First 6 overs.
  • Method of first dismissal 2-way 
  • Century in Match
  • Fifty in Match
  • Highest Opening Partnership


Beware of the Playing Format 

The cricket format in play decides the pace of the game, which brings in factors like fatigue and motivation. In test cricket, the teams will play for 5 days, bowling 90 overs each day. Teams have to pace themselves and know how to spread the play among the players. More experienced teams have higher success in Test matches. 

One-Day International (ODI) is played in a single day. Each side takes a 50 overs innings for a total of 100. It provides a battle of wits between batsmen and bowlers because of the limited time and field.

T20 matches are the shortest and most frenetic. There is massive pressure on both the batman and the bowler to outdo the other in the 20 overs. There are massive shots and equally massive swings. This format favors younger high-energy teams. 

Read the Weather 

The weather is a big disruptor in cricket. Matches are routinely halted because of rain. The fortunes of a team can change when a match gets interrupted. Say India is playing Pakistan in an ODI. India is ahead by 200  runs in the second inning with a few wickets left. If it rained and the match was halted, Pakistan would be very relieved. They can regroup. The match can also be called a draw if the interruption is too long.

Look at the Toss Winner 

In an ODI, winning the toss is very important. This is because the field’s conditions change as the play progresses. The team that wins the toss has the advantage of choosing whether to bat or bowl and gains an upper hand psychologically. 

The field is also a determinant to some extent. Some teams are known to do well in certain cricket grounds and fare poorly in others. Sometimes the home crowd advantage works to motivate the home team. 

Look at Recent Performance

How well has a team been performing recently? If a team performed poorly in a recent period against another one, it will go into the next match at a disadvantage. In cricket, the game is more likely to go to the favorites. 

Cricket betting is easy to master and start winning. You can start winning with a good strategy and good reading of the game.

Article Credit: Awise Agency

Which is the Best Sports book for Cricket?


More Indian cricket fans are warming up to the idea of sports betting. Mobile betting apps have brought betting markets closer to sports fans, even in the remotest areas. Cricket betting is the number one choice  for many sports bettors. There are more betting resources, including free cricket betting tips, that even fans new to betting will find it easy winning bets. Which is the best sportsbook for cricket betting? This question is often heard from people new to sports betting. Here are a few tips on how to find a cricket sportsbook that will work for you. 


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Look at the Cricket Betting Offers 

If you want to bet on cricket, you need access to as many cricket betting markets as possible. A sportsbook should have as many leagues and tournaments as possible. You can then have plenty of choices from these markets.

In February 2021, for example, a sportsbook should highlight these cricket events:

  • International Test Cricket
  • International Twenty20
  • Pakistan Super League
  • South Africa
  • ICC T20 World Cup 2021
  • ICC World Cup 2023
  • International One Day (W)
  • Marsh One-Day Cup
  • Regional Super50 Cup
  • The Ashes
  • WNCL (W)

Look at the Betting Options 

A good sportsbook should offer as many betting options as possible to give you a freer hand in picking bets. The most popular betting options should be included:

  • Match bets (winner/loser)- You wager on the winner of a match 
  • Tied match (Draw no bet)- You wager the teams will draw 
  • Series winner – You bet that a certain team will win a series of matches e.g., the Ashes
  • Outright winner – You bet on a winner of a tournament e.g., the Cricket World Cup

There are proposition bets, which the sportsbook proposes a certain outcome, then you can agree or disagree with a bet:

  • Win toss – A bet on the team that will win the coin toss at the beginning of a match. You can also have a Toss Combination bet where you bet the team’s choice on whether to bat or bowl.
  • Odd/Even runs – A bet on the number of runs scored being odd or even. First Innings score  bet is limited to a team’s scores at the end of the first innings.
  • Match scores- A bet on the number of scores at the end of a single match
  • Over / under scores – A bet on the scores being over or under a certain number 
  • Most Sixes – A bet on the side that will take the most sixes in a match 
  • Most Runouts 
  • Highest 1st 15 overs- A bet on the team with the highest scores at the end of the first 15 overs.

There are player proposition bets as well:

  • Top batsman 
  • Top bowler 
  • To score 50 runs 

The more betting options you have, the more you can stack your bets for a bigger payout. UK based sportsbooks have more betting options because of the large cricket fan base there.

Check if the Sports book is Mobile Friendly 

A sportsbook should have a smartphone app. It makes betting more convenient than using browsers. You can place your bets anytime, wherever you are. It also makes it easier to bet on Live games as you follow your favorite games.  

Compare Payment Methods 

Does the sportsbook accept your preferred payment method? A sportsbook that accepts a wide range of payment methods makes it easier to deposit and withdraw funds when you need them. Be mindful of minimum withdrawal requirements to avoid your money being trapped in your virtual wallet.

Promotions and Bonuses 

Incentives make your bets more fun and reduce your risk. The more incentives, the better. But remember to compare the terms and conditions of these promotions and bonuses. They should not be too difficult to cash out. 

Are you a cricket fan on the lookout for a new sportsbook? Assess sportsbooks with the tips above, and you will have one that works perfectly for you.

Article Credit: Awise Agency